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As a collective of chefs, farmers, and story-tellers, we are students and protectors of earth-honoring life-ways. Each meal nourishes people with heirloom ingredients complemented with stories from the land. We offer ceremonial catering, to raise awareness and funds in support of regenerative land projects. We know food as medicine - to heal the body, our communities, and the Earth.


The Loaves and Fishes Collective is based throughout Northern California & the Sierra Nevada Mountains. 

We primarily serve California & the West Cost with high-quality food experiences.

And continue to be available internationally upon request. 





Zion is a farmer, chef, land and food justice organizer, and student of oneness in service to the rise of Beloved Community. He is grateful for his family, teachers, ancestors, guides, friends, and countless non-human relatives who support him on the journey as a human seeking to embody love and wisdom. The main focus of his work is with food as a technology and medicine to heal the body, community, and Earth. He is planting seeds for racial and economic equality, large-scale resource re-distribution, embodied Earth-based spiritual practice, prison abolition, decolonizing wealth, peak gut-brain health, the decomposition of whiteness and the U.S Empire, and embodied participation in the limitless beauty and goodness of the Divine. He works as a small farmer and organizer in occupied Sierra Miwok territory (Jamestown, CA) at The Refuge, a living classroom for regenerative agriculture, spiritual farming, zero-waste living, cooperative economics, decolonization, voluntary simplicity, nonviolent communication, and seed saving. For more information about his work, visit his website:


Co-Founder & CNS
(Chief Nourishment Steward)

Sycamore roots himself at the intersection of ecological and social permaculture, weaving the relationships between gardens and group process, water stewardship and conflict transformation, ceremonial nutrition and body temple restoration. From community song leader to large event chef, from garden whisperer to council circle facilitator, he lives the solutions to our societal crisis, inviting this opportunity for land-based, heart-based creativity amidst the cultural revival. With a decade of experience managing farms, leading kitchens and living in eco-villages throughout Turtle Island, Sycamore brings an embodied awe for agroforestry & chef alchemy as his Pattern Language for The Great Turning.



Executive Chef

    Devin Lawrence has inspired connection to ecological systems for over a decade, through bringing people together around food.  Originally grounded by cooking in the cooperative communities of Davis, California, he learned the necessity of crafting and preserving food due to the abundance generated by the regenerative agriculture programs at UC Davis. An avid fisherman since age four, he’s traveled the world - from San Sebastian to Patagonia to Canada’s interior to Costa Rica - learning each region’s unique cuisines and food-ways. Devin now focuses on the terroir of California and the vast array of ingredients that the coastlines, forests, and mountains have to offer.  He has lived in intentional communities for a dozen years, influenced by traditions passed down from generation to generation: homesteading, farming, and land-based ecological stewardship within the diverse bioregions of the west coast of Turtle Island.

    Devin is an active educator who is reframing the way our culture relates to and consumes ruminant animals: a bridge between shepherds and ranchers, everyday cooks and lovers of food. He enjoys teaching about the vast benefits of animal presence on land promoting the health of our soils, watersheds, and grasslands. After living in Argentina and apprenticing in the way of the asado, Devin now offers interactive experiences cooking whole animals over open fire, from slaughter and butchery, to culinary fire tending, and ultimately tanning of the hide and preserving all parts of the animal. He is the Executive Chef for Loaves and Fishes Collective, a cooperative of chefs and farmers providing educational offerings, large-scale catering, and culinary consulting services. Devin loves meticulously cooking meat, has a heavy hand with the salt, and always enjoys a good story by the fire.   

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